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Having oral diseases is one of the common reasons why children miss school in the US. Though every parent wants their children to be at the peak of oral health, dental issues like tooth decay, cavities, crooked teeth, etc., could prevent this from happening. 

Dentists recommend that parents provide oral care to their children and take them to dental checkups from their early years to prevent dental issues. Dental visits could begin when they turn one or when they get their first milk tooth. 

Children's dentistry offers a wide range of dental services for children. And our dentists are experts who can provide dedicated oral health care to children.

Why Is Children's Dentistry Important?

While oral health issues occur to people of all ages, children from infancy to their teen years suffer from oral and dental issues specific to their age group. The first teeth of a child usually begin to erupt during the first six months of their life. When the child turns the age of 6 or 7 years, they start to lose their first set of primary teeth, making way for secondary or permanent teeth. Therefore, taking care of children's dental health all through their childhood is important to avoid possible oral decay and ailments that may lead to a lifetime of dental issues and complications.

Children have different dental needs compared to adults. Their teeth are still developing and more prone to cavities and decay. Regular visits to a dentist can help identify any potential issues early on and ensure proper treatment. Our dentists are trained in treating young patients with compassion and understanding. We create a comfortable environment that helps alleviate any fear or anxiety your child may have about going to the dentist.

Additionally, establishing good oral hygiene habits from a young age sets the foundation for lifelong dental health. We educate both parents and children on proper brushing techniques, diet choices, and other preventive measures. Children's dentistry not only focuses on treating existing problems but also emphasizes preventive care, such as fluoride treatments and sealants that can protect against tooth decay.

Children's Dentistry Services

The common children's dentistry services available at AV Dental Wellness Group include the following:  


  • Teeth Cleaning: Like adults, children need to maintain proper oral hygiene habits at home. However, this is not enough. Professional dental cleanings are as important as at-home hygiene practices. Take your child to the dentist every six months for professional teeth cleaning. They have the training and expertise to put the child at ease during the procedure. 
  • Fluoride Treatment:  Fluoride treatments help fight tooth decay in children by having the tooth enamel absorb fluoride to prevent cavities from developing.
  • Dental Sealants: A dentist can apply dental sealants on the children's back primary and permanent teeth with deep grooves to protect the teeth from cavity-causing bacteria.
  • Fillings: Tooth decay and cavities are the most common dental concerns faced by children worldwide. If your child has tooth decay or a cavity, the dentist will remove the damaged inner pulp from the tooth and use tooth-colored fillings to repair the hole. 
  • Dental Crowns:A dentist attaches crowns to baby teeth if their dental cavities are too big to repair with fillings. Crowns also ensure protection to the teeth from further damage.
  • Mouthguards:While running or playing sports and games, children may suffer damage to their teeth if they fall. A dentist may recommend mouthguards for your child to soften the trauma to the face, which reduces the risk of breaking or falling out of the teeth. 

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